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FLOE Gym Complete Package

FLOE Gym Complete Package

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Dead Ball

The award-winning FLOE Gym houses all the equipment required for Strength, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT and Barre workouts and packs away seamlessly when not in use. The unit doubles as a padded workout bench and transforms into a ballet Barre. Each piece of equipment has been custom designed and given a dedicated storage position to allow easy access.

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Materials Premium plywood, vinyl upholstery
Finish Varnished exterior
Length 1467 mm
Height 447 mm
Width 414 mm
Base weight 17.1 kg
Bench weight 15.6 kg
Total weight 32.7 kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
R G Valk
Stylish and full of features you'll actually use at home

Very happy with our Floe Gym purchase. It's a great way to have a gym at home, without having to turn your home into a gym.

The equipment is really high quality, particularly the weights. Having the setup to do proper yoga/pilates/HIIT/barre workouts is fantastic - these are the kinds of exercise you can genuinely do at home in your own living room. The large square yoga mat is perfect for the kinds of workouts Floe lets you do. Having a dancer and a footballer for kids, the Floe Gym really has something for the whole family.

We had some minor damage to the plywood bench seat, possibly from shipping. Nothing a bit of wood glue didn't fix. With care the whole setup should last for many years.

Joe Malpas
Complete Gym Box

Wow great product. Sturdy and good quality. Delivery was super quick and easy. I love it.

Stylish Home Gym

Quite a bit of gym equipment tucked away in a nice benchseat that looks good in any room of the house. The equipment can be used for a huge variety of workouts. Lovely invention.


So compact and neat. Everything you need all in one package. It also doubles nicely as a spare office chair!

Jared Clarke
Compact and fantastic

Sleek compact and easy to use!